Links to External Sites

Here are links to some excellent external sites all of which provide useful programming resources to the professional and the interested. A variety is offered here, to wit: general C++/Java programming libraries, computer industry news, magazines, patterns, development methodologies, and yet more free software.

News and Magazines

Below are a set of links to various computer related news sources we have found useful. Some are technical sources, others relate computing industry news

C++ Libraries

Listed here are some of the best free libraries and resources available in areas as diverse as HTTP servers, web services, XML, Perl, Ant, TCL, a standard and portable STL library, a complete inter-process communications environment and more. Many of these are run as open-source software projects characterized by a collaborative, consensus-based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field.

Java Resources

Here are various links to useful java sites offering free resources and information to compliment java development.

The 'D' Language

The language D is the next in the series C, C++, Java and learns lessons from all of them, along with decades of experience and an eye on recent hardware developments - particularly the continuing rise of parallelism and multi-threading. This is arguably one of the most interesting modern languages currently around and, like its predecessors, will be so for many decades.

Editors, IDEs and Source Code Control

Here are various useful code development tools including, editors and IDEs which can streamline program development.


Here are links to notable database engines that are remarkable, each in their own way. MySQL offers an excellent, free SQL compliant, relational database that scales to very large data sets suitable for most development purposes. ObjectStore is an innovative 'pure' C++ object database that offers extreme performance using the technique of memory blasting. ObjectStore C++ is ideal for situations with requirements for very high-throughput and/or very low-latencies or where the object-relational mapping code is too complex and unwieldy.

Extreme Programming & Patterns

Here are a collection of didactic sites which offer useful guidance on the effective, light-weight, extreme development methodology and the important, and complimentary, subject of software patterns.

Middleware and IPC

One of the key components in any distributed architecture is the middleware; how does one program communicate with another. There are several different solutions to this problem, everything from sockets, distributed objects with IDLs to fault tolerant messaging, and many of the libraries and products out there have serious shortcommings. Ideally middleware should be fast, language agnostic, relaible and easy to use. Here are some links to some very high quality middleware.

Parallel Programming and GPU

Here are a set of links concerned with parallel programming, parallel algorithms and multi-CPU architectures. For anyone working on high performance computing projects the possibility of exploiting paralleism and especially GPUs should be seriously researched.


Here are list of Linux specific sites, or those with a heavy Linux bias.


A list of useful computer related standards bodies and other organisations.


The rest...