Welcome to Logos !!

This site presents a series of philosophy resources covering various subjects ranging from epistemology, ontology, metaphysics and logic through to conciousness, ethics, aesthetics, post-modernism and politics.

Contrary to common practice, experience shows that it is almost impossible to adequately address philosophical questions individually. Arguments that support a position in one field, such as epistemology, are often predicated on acceptance of certain positions in others, such as ontology and/or metaphysics. Thus, our judgement of responses to questions is obsfucated by their requirement to be part of semantic and metaphysical 'package deals' which need to be assessed en bloc .

The basic philosophical 'package deal' defended on this site is a version of physicalism; all that basically exists is the physical world and processes within it. Literally everything is 'grounded' in the physical world in some way; everything from 'medium-sized dry-goods', such as tables and chairs, to complex entities such as conciousness, morality, subjectivity and universals. All the resources presented here investigate, approach or question or examine the soundness of this basic tenet, either directly, by providing positive grounds for this belief, or indirectly, by exposing or demonstrating weaknesses in other philosophical positions.

We strongly recommend that the reader critically consider the material presented here, and would enthusiastically encourage independent thinking, and that people take an evidence-based approach to any and all texts. Hopefully, theistic, skeptical and magical philosophical systems can then be fairly and accurately evaluated from this perspective.