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  Every business organization requires a wireless router for handling the business volumes. Moreover,the requirement of a wireless router of a nice brand is in


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IT Trends: Top 5 Tech Influencers on YouTube


YouTube is a place where people come searching for content most of the times. Be it for entertainment, education or relaxation, YouTube provides a lot of amazing content. The range of the topics of the content is also huge! YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. There are several content creators on YouTube but they mostly prefer sticking to only one type of content in a particular channel. If you love watching technology related videos, then you must follow these top 5 tech influencers as per recent IT trends:


  1. The Hacksmith:

Owner: James Hobson

Joined: 2006

Subscribers: 12M

About: After quitting his job in 2006, James started his YouTube channel. He is a technical engineer who converts fictional gadgets and technologies into real life. His videos are very interesting to watch. Buy youtube subscribers. Here are some of his accomplishments: Thor’s hammer, Lightsaber from Star Wars, Captain America’s shield, Fortnite sword and so on. Apart from making such cool gadgets, he also vlogs about his life in Canada and invents incredible gadgets and equipment like the electric longboard, jet engine motorcycle, etc.


  1. Unbox Therapy:

Owner: Lewis George Hilsenteger

Joined: 2010

Subscribers: 12.9M

About: Lewis’s channel is one of the most popular technology related channels on YouTube. As the name of the channel sounds, this channel is filled with unboxing videos. He uncovers smartphones, gadgets and new technologies. He also has a dedicated playlist for many iPhone versions and various types of amazing keyboards. His one of the most watched videos was the bending test for iPhone 6 Plus. It has views worth 72M!


  1. Mark Rober:

Owner: Mark Rober

Joined: 2011

Subscribers: 18.3M

About: Mark was a former engineer at Apple and NASA and now he dedicates his time for making amazing YouTube videos. His videos are highly popular and interesting to watch. His main aim is to show how interesting technology is! He creates life hacks and DIY projects and also fun content- for example, the squirrel maze. Each of his videos have more than a million views and his videos are really worth watching.


  1. CrazyRussianHacker:

Owner: Taras Kulakov

Joined: 2012

Subscribers: 11.5M

About: If you love watching videos on science experiments, tests, tips and life hacks, then this is the channel for you! Taras hails from Ukraine but currently resides in the United States. The content on his channel focuses on various topics. He tests different things from the aspect of physics, uncovers the truth about some very common myths and reviews and tests army supplies, food and gadgets. He also has a dedicated playlist for his chickens and dogs, which are no less popular!


  1. Marques Brownlee:

Owner: Marques Brownlee

Joined: 2008

Subscribers: 14.1M

About: Marques Brownlee is all about review! His channel is considered to be one of the best channels on YouTube for reviews. However, he specializes in reviews on mobile hardware. In fact many companies have approached him for giving his review on their hardware. Marques has also conducted interviews with people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc.


When it comes to videos on technology, the list is endless. You might even waste a couple of hours finding the right content! However, in this list, 5 best tech influencers are listed, covering all the aspects of technology! Now all you have to do is type their name in the search box, find the video you want to watch    

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