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Technology And Its Importance In Your Daily Life


You must have heard your elders talk about how technology is a bane for society. If you are a student and use your phone a lot, well, you must be hearing a lot of scolding from your parents. It wouldn’t be right to say that they are wrong. They are right if they scold you for ‘overusing’ it. They are right if you are not using the technology for your betterment. And this is where people fail. When people think about technology, the follow-up thought is mostly social media. You would be delighted to know that there is so much more that technology can offer.

Perks of using technology

Nobody can deny the fact that technology has made our life faster and easier. You don’t want to make food; you can order food. You don’t want to go out for dinner, you order at home. Just by some clicks, the service is received on the doorstep. No matter where you are and what time it is, you will always have the option to go digital. From something as basic as getting food to making investments, everything can be done via technology. Another upside of using technology is eliminating human errors. Take the basic example for this, autocorrect on your keypad. You make a grammatical error, and it will automatically correct it. This role becomes crucial while managing details, calculations, making payments, and so on. The development of AI technology has only added to make it more accurate, easy, and fast. Therefore, overusing technology may have some health issues, but you can harness the best of results if you use it in a limited and sustainable manner.

Here’s a list of some of the applications that you can use in your daily life to make your living better and sustainable.

Fitness Apps

Health is ‘the’ priority. No matter what kind of job you have, it is crucial to take care of your health. Guess what? Technology can help you here. Be it any exercise of yoga poses or meditation; you can learn anything online. Many apps provide health programs. This could be a 21-day fitness challenge or a long fitness program.

Moreover, nowadays, some apps track your health. This meansthey can report your weight, steps, calories, etc. It’s like a record keeper of your health status. Being aware of your health will only take you one step closer to a healthy and sustainable life.

Time management apps

Time management apps are among the most used apps. This is because what you do in a day is less important than how you do it. Managing time efficiently has a direct bearing on both mental health as well as physical health. Corporations mostly use these apps. Time-management apps can include any to-do list app to a reminder app. There are time management apps available for tracking how much time you spend on your phone and in using what. This will help you in enhancing your productivity.

Money management apps

Well, this has proved to be a great tool for people who do not have sufficient time to keep recording their expenses. At the end of every month, recording the entire month’s expenses, calculations, savings, etc., can sometimes be confusing. Moreover, this is exactly where you cannot make an error. Therefore, apps assisting in money management are a boon. With these apps, you can not only easily manage money, but you can also get a monthly analysis. Some apps also allow you to record the debt given and the debt that is taken. This will help you further in judiciously using your money.



Learning apps

Learning apps include all the applications that help you in learning. The importance of these has been reinforced in the Coronavirus time. Schools were shut, and children had no access to offline education. In such a scenario, it was the online teaching that became a guiding light. There are so many learning apps on the play store. Just tell the subject you want to learn and surely, there will be an application providing learning in the same. Be it a language app or a kid’s learning app; all these make teaching easier and fun.

Entertainment apps

What kept you going in these months-long lockdowns? Entertainment, right? In a recent news article, Netflix gained almost 15.8 million subscribers last year. This is even double what the company’s growth forecast was. Other entertainment apps also recorded growth. This is because entertainment plays a crucial role in life. Everybody deserves a little bit of chill time! And this becomes easier with these apps. Be it movies, shows, music, dance; you can watch anything at any time by using these apps. Moreover, it’s like the world comes on the phone. You can watch travel documentaries, the history of a region, etc.

Apart from these five basic important types of applications, there are many others too. Like, the apps for cab booking. These help you in easier, faster, and comfortable mobility. Then as mentioned before, there are food delivery apps. With these, you do not have to go out or face the traffic. You get all by just an order. Some apps also help in file sharing. Mailing large files is not a sustainable way. These applications provide an easy and quick file sharing service. There are photo editing apps. To enhance the quality and coloring scheme of the photographs, photo editing apps are the tools.

Technology has many benefits if only one chooses to use it wisely. It will make your work easier in particular and life in general. IT not only saves time but brings efficiency and higher productivity in life. Above all, it helps you stay updated with current developments in this fast pacing world. You can gain all the knowledge that you can receive via technology. Be it the health sector, education sector, technology sector, business sector, technology paves a betterment path.

Apps aside, internet offers you ways to make a living while travelling the world. You probably heard of terms such as “Dropshipping”, “Influencers” and so on. Feel free to look into Youtube for any more information on ways to make a living online, another helpful place is Udemy. They allow you to take a course on many subjects and get certified, which would help you look better on your CV, there are also other places such as https://www.timessquareadcoalition.org/ with more credible certificates so make sure you do your research before that.



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