This section provides various libraries and software utilities in both C++ and Java for download.

Downloads are provided completely free to anyone under the standard open source agreement. All downloads from the Logos Software site are provided without any warranty, support or guarantees of fitness-for-purpose whatsoever, and Logos, or anyone associated therewith shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred by the user, or any other associated party, arising from the use of any file, or its contents, downloaded from this site.

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These libraries are very carefully coded and ad-hoc support is provided as time and resource permit. Please by way of comments, suggestions for improvements, requests for change or extension, general queries, positive criticism, creative sarcasm and witty one-liners about any of these resources.

Result Collector

ResultCollector is a simple utility which enables programmers to quickly collect performance statistics from multiple benchmark programs and graph them in Excel. It consists of two parts: a java program, which locates logfiles, parses them, checks for errors and generates a single output file suitable for Excel import; and a Visual Basic Excel AddIn which can read this file and draw a graph of the results with a single click. It helps to produce benchmarks which are:

  • reliable
  • repeatable
  • statistically significant
  • non-intrusive
  • cross platform
  • cross language
  • easy to view in Excel
  • easy to re-format/filter as required once in Excel
  • easy to export from Excel into word, powerpoint etc.

ResultCollector is supplied with full user documentation, example C++ and Java code demonstrating its use, along with complete Java and VB source code for the utility itself.

ObjectStore Trace Viewer (OSTV)

OSTV is a utility which provides a Java-based GUI to browse through the data generated by the ObjectStore osu_monitor library. osu_monitor is provided as unsupported code with the ObjectStore database, and when built and linked into an ObjectStore client provides facilities for retrospective analysis of the dynamic behaviour of the client, including:

  • ObjectStore resources utilized
  • what transactions ran
  • which databases/segments/clusters were accessed
  • how many pages were fetched/re-fetched
  • the time taken for each activity
  • ...and many other features.

These trace files are ASCII, formatted with one-record-per-line and are highly amenable to awk or Perl processing. The OSTV java utility rapidly displays graphical views of these trace files to give a general impression of their contents, assisting the analysis of different features of the trace from differing perspectives.