Raison d'Etre

Logos Software Ltd specializes in the design and implementation of large, scalable, distributed, fast and reliable (LSDFR) computer systems at very low costs. We have wide experience of the computing industry in many vertical sectors including: telco systems, share trading systems, manufacturing, high-performance web sites (250 million hits a day) and geospatial information systems (GIS).

All these systems have something in common - they demand extreme performance. They typically have huge databases containing millions, and sometimes billions, of data items which need to be accessed in near-real time, both for read and for update, by a large number of simultaneous users. Additionally, these systems usually have demanding very-near 24x7 high-availability requirements.

On this site Logos Software Ltd publishes free advice and consulting expertise, free code libraries, useful book references and links to critical internet resources, which will help development teams to deliver these kinds of system, reliably and at relatively low cost. The target audience for this site include system architects, project managers, application designers, programmers, students and even project sponsors.

Hype-Free Zone

This site is a totally hype-free zone. We do not promote the latest computing fad until it has been fully tested and proved useful or superior to existing technology. In our experience the computing media, through no fault of its own, is often ill-informed about a new technology, or fails to judge its capabilities realistically before it goes on to promote it as the next computing silver bullet. This confusion results because journalists are usually generalists; writers with some technical understanding, but with little real computing expertise. They are fed mis-information by computing company marketing departments with their own narrowly self-interested agenda. Very often version 1.x technology is rushed to market in very immature states of development, to cut up-front development costs, supported by promises and hype that propagate stupidity industry wide, as encapsulated by the time-honoured phrase "eat-shit, ten thousand flies can't be wrong".

At Logos Software Ltd we like evidence to support our judgements and we do not believe in computing silver bullets; we take a heterogeneous approach using best-of-breed technologies. We favour technologies ratified by a public standards committee such as ANSI C++, and we strongly recommend freeware, shareware and open source software such as Linux, wherever possible, because together these enable businesses to implement systems which give them genuine competitive advantage and keep total cost of software ownership down in the long term. All the ideas and techniques discussed on this site have been used successfully on real-world industrial projects.